Tag After School APK v8.0 Download for Android

Looking for a fun game? We have an exciting suggestion for you. Tag After School is a pure fun to enjoy. You will get hooked to it but not in a bad way. In the game, you will have to play as one of multiple different characters and all of them will tag each other.

If you are an Android user, you can download and install Tag After School APK without having to pay for it.

The game is simple yet challenging. It allows you to play the game online with your friends or even strangers. Keep on reading the article to know more about the game.

What is Tag After School APK?

Tag After School APK is an Android game. It is a kind of childhood game but definitely takes the fun to a different level!

You can compete with your friends and even strangers online. Unlock characters, explore power-ups and leverage levels to outperform your opponents.

The game allows for endless customization in the virtual field. Anything exciting can happen. Hence, get ready for a classic and epic adventure to be brought by Tag After School!

What is Special about “Tag After School”?

The first aspect of Tag After School that will arrest your attention is loads of its cartoonish graphics. The graphics are colourful, expressive and invigorating. Furthermore, it is fun to watch the players as they tag each other while playing around the map.

The range of power-ups is another excellent feature of Tag After School Mod APK. You will get an edge over your opponents by pushing up their tag speed or empowering them to tag several players simultaneously.

How Does Tag After School Work?

Tag After School APK is a wonderful Android app that enables high schools students to stay connected with each other and even parents and teachers.

The app lets students create their private group chats, form activity tags, make friends, create/join groups and watch friends’ activities.

The app also sends alerts and reminders for upcoming tasks and events. You do not have to pay anything to download and use Tag After School APK.

How Does Tagging Work in the Gameplay?

The gameplay of tag works in a simple yet interesting way. Players can control several characters and try to tag other competitors and in doing so, should avoid getting tagged.

The map in Tag After School Mod APK has several power-ups and obstacles. Players can exploit these to gain advantages or disadvantages.

With progression of Tag After School, players will be able to unlock tag-related challenges. As a player, you need to complete to come off as a winner.

What are the Characteristics of Tag After School Game?

Tag After Game has several interesting features that take the fun to a different height. These features include:

Different Modes: In Tag After School Game, you will be able to choose from a range of different game modes.

These include time attack mode, single-player missions and an online battle mode that allow you to play against other players around the globe.

Customization: The game features different characters and you can choose from them. Each character has its unique stats and abilities.

Furthermore, customization is possible with help of a range of options that will enable you to draw your game map and characters to match your own preference and style.

Immersive Gaming Experience: Tag After School takes you on an interesting journey into Shota-Kun’s life.

Once you become him, choose and watch as these create rippling effects in his world by shaping his relationship, academics and many more!

Be bold enough to take edge-of-seat decisions while exploring vivid scenes in this highly interactive game.

Game Controls & Graphics

Stunning graphics in Tag After School will give you an immersive gaming experience. The level of detailing and the palette of colours will keep you hooked.

The presenting style delivers a pleasant cinematic experience. Playing the game will give you immense pleasure similar to watching an animated movie.

The game controls are straightforward. You will find different options. Click any of your choice for Shota-Kun and it will perform that action.

Full of Challenges: Tag After School is not only a game. It comes with a lot of challenges, each of which is an opportunity for you to give a shape to Shota-Kun’s future.

You will be able to watch the effects of every decision on his life. Will he succumb to adversity or overcome it? Play the game to find out.

Opportunities to Create Multi-Faceted Storylines: Tag After School allows for customization. It gives you opportunities to create invigorating and intricate storylines aligned with your own experience.

You will love the game’s world and its different characters. Each choice you make will shape your journey into the game world in unexpectedly thrilling ways. With every twist and turn in your path, you will experience a different outcome.

Moreover, no two players will ever have the same storyline. Unleash the power of your wild imagination and explore immense possibilities to create a unique and interesting storyline for yourself.

Many Challenges & Enemies: Tag After School is a pure adventure! It is full of exciting surprises. You will meet enemies and challenges on your way.

There are bats, spiders and many more. You must outsmart them to survive. It is only possible if you use your wits smartly.

You must avoid several traps along your way. Hence, it is important to stay alert! There is a woman with a bright red mask. Beware of her! She is not merciful. Get closer and you will know that.

Tag After School APK Highlights in Points:

  • Free download
  • Registration not required
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Attractive graphics
  • High-quality performance
  • No ads

The journey is definitely thrilling. By participating in the journey, you will be able to weave a narrative that is only yours. Every choice you make brings a truckload of possibilities. Always make sure to stay one step ahead of traps and enemies.

How to Install Tag After School APK?

  • Choose your operating system (Android)
  • Scroll down; press download
  • Open the pop up that informs “Uninstall Tag After School”
  • Open the app; play the game and enjoy

How to Upload & Use the Latest Version of Tag After School?

Step 1:

Ø  Download the game’s latest version.

Ø  Go to Settings >Security > Unknown Sources. It will enable third-party app installation (Otherwise, it will not work)

Ø  Open the app and next open the Explore tab. You will find the mod there – Tap on the ‘+’ at the bottom of your screen to install it.

Step 2:

Ø  Open the Tag After School. Click “Dress Up!” Tap on it in Explore tab.

Ø  Tap “Install” and you will be taken back to your device’s home screen. A notification will pop up to confirm that the app has been successfully installed.

Why Should You Download Tag After School?

Tag After School APK is a life-changing, revolutionary app. It will revolutionize the way you have played virtual games so far.

What’s The Background Story of Tag After School APK?

Tag After School Game Mod APK is weaved around Shota-Kun’s Story. The choice and decisions that you make will decide the direction of the story.

Like everyone else, Shota-Kun has to decide life both on and off campus. He is sacred and so, needs to make good choices that will change his life. Hence, you should ensure, as a player, that he makes all the right decisions himself.


 Is Tag After School a horror-mystery game?

 Tag After School delivers an amazing and thrilling adventure experience. This Japanese high school game is categorized under horror-mystery genre.

The game enables the players to take on the role of Shota-Kun and thus, control and guide him to find his way around the school while avoiding deadly challenges and scary ghosts.

Can I Play Tag After School offline?

Players can find different fun game modes in Tag After School, including online battles, time attack and single player missions.

How to Play Tag After School on PC And Android?

Touch and move with your fingers to control Shota-Kun. Alternatively, you can press the arrow keys on your keyboard to direct his way forward, backward, left or right.

As soon as the game starts, the players can choose from different options. Results may vary according to your choices. Two players making different choices will land in different situations.

Tag After School is not a fighting game though full of adventures. So, you need to stay alert in order to avoid enemies and stay on top of the challenges. Most of the time, the enemies ambush in the dark and so, you must be aware to avoid being caught.

If you are unaware of your enemies, you can end up falling in dangerous traps. A woman with a bright red mask appears when you are playing. You will die if you get too close to the woman.

Final Words

Tag After School APK is a thrilling game that delivers a unique, full-of-adventure experience to the players.

With mind-blowing graphics, exciting gameplay and an opportunity to create multi-faceted narratives, the game will keep you hooked for hours.

Play the game to challenge your wits and explore the umpteen possibilities to shape Shota-Kun’s future with your wise decisions on his behalf.

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