Seal Video Downloader APK Latest Version 2023

Seal APK is a free multimedia application developed by JunkFood. The mobile app is designed to download audio and video files from yt-dlp-supported video platforms. The private and secure application also provides messaging service that can automatically encrypt all conversations, documents and medial files exchanged between users.

Seal APK platform includes multiple features to ensure users’ privacy. These features include screenshot protection, self-destructing messages, secure downloads and forwarding denial. The multimedia application features a user-friendly interface, ensures high-level security and delivers intuitive user experience. Seal APK has a wider array of funny emoticons and stickers for use.

Seal APK is a free app. The latest version of this free app is widely used for downloading audio and video files on iOS and Android platforms.

Great Design for Video Download

Seal APK is a beautifully designed application for downloading audio and video files. The app functions efficiently. The app is easy to use for downloading videos from video platforms and watching them on your smartphones or other mobile gadgets. The application is simple and straightforward to use. The user-friendly interface makes navigation easier. Moreover, Seal APK download takes almost no time.

The video-downloading application features live streaming and chat options. By using Seal APK, you can make friends, send virtual gifts, make real-time video calls and show off your talent. Moreover, you can download audio and video contents from video platforms supported by yt-dlp (formerly known as YouTube-DL). You can use a custom template to run the yt-dlp command that the app provides to its users.

The tool contains some great features to allow users to customize downloadable files. You need just a single tap to download all the videos from a playlist and save these files. You can create thumbnails for the downloaded files and add subtitles to them. The app lets you create templates and choose both video quality and format. However, you cannot download all videos by using this tool. For example, the tool cannot download Instagram stories.

One of the Best

Seal APK is one of the most popular apps for downloading audio-video files. It is considered one of the best. The app has several features to convert downloadable files, improve their quality and also customize the same.

The only hitch: You cannot download all videos with this app.

Download this app if you want an easy, simple, convenient way to manage your audio-video files.

What Are the Key Features of Seal APK?

  • The app can download audio and video contents from yt-dlp-compatible, video hosting websites
  • It embeds a video thumbnail and metadata into the recovered audio file that can be supported by mutagen
  • Only a single click is required to download the entire video playlist.
  • You need to use the embedded aria2c, an external downloader, for your downloads.
  • The app incorporates subtitles into downloaded videos
  • The application allows using command templates to execute specialized yt-dlp commands.
  • It controls in-app downloads and user-defined command templates.
  • The app is easy to download and operate
  • It is friendly to users
  • It features Material Design 3 user interface style with a changing colour theme


  • User-friendly interface
  • Runx the custom yt-dlp command
  • Allows users to add subtitles to downloaded videos
  • Can download videos with only a single click


  • Cannot download all videos

Why to Use Seal APK?

Because of technological development and internet being a part our daily lives, it now takes a few milliseconds to contact your relatives, friends and any acquaintance. As a result, people’s lives have been lot easier due to massive technical progress in recent times.

However, not all mobile applications are safe. Hence, a large number of people have grown worried about using any mobile app. Many of these applications have some serious drawbacks and people fear that their private conversation and messages will get leaked due to lack of enough security and privacy.

Software companies have addressed the concerns and introduced apps that are safe to download and use. Seal APK is one such application. Many people believe that the app is the most efficient one in terms of features, privacy and security.

Seal APK Free Download for Android Devices

Seal APK content is rated as Parental advice. The application is compatible with Android devices having an API level of 21 or higher. The app can be downloaded and installed on these devices. Seal Live is a feature-loaded platform that allows users to make new friends, live video chat, live stream and showcase their skills, exchange virtual gifts, communicate with relatives and friends, conduct video conversations with friends.

How to Use Seal APK Audio/Video Downloader App for iOS and Android?

The movie downloading tool features an aesthetic interface. On top of that, the application is productive, reliable and easy to operate. Follow the simple steps to use the app efficiently.

  • Type in the URL of the downloadable video file
  • The app will automatically recognize the video file and show the video.
  • Choose the button to download.
  • The application will download the video file on your smartphone and save there.

Seal APK is an open source without any advertisements. The app is designed so brilliantly that it does not compromise safety and privacy of your data.

Final Words

Seal video downloader APK is a free app designed to download audio and video files on Android devices. The application features a user-friendly interface. It is highly efficient and reliable. On top of that, it is simple to use. You just need a few clicks to download the audio-video files on your Android-based devices.

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