Android 14: Potential Obsolescence of Speed Booster Apps by Google

Google’s release of the first developer preview of Android 14, codenamed UpSideDownCake, has brought significant changes and new features. Android 14 boasts several optimizations aimed at enhancing battery life, improved security features, better support for larger screen devices, and accessibility features. However, one significant change that may impact Android users and developers is the potential obsolescence of third-party speed booster and task killer apps.

According to a recent documentation shared by Google, Android 14 will restrict a common API used by task killer or speed booster apps. While system apps can still use this API, any other apps that rely on it will become redundant. Previously, any app could terminate all background processes or other apps or tasks on an Android device using the ‘KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES’ permission. However, starting with Android 14, using the permission will only allow the app to kill its processes, and it won’t affect any other app or task, even if the name is passed.

For years, many task killer and memory killing apps like ‘Memory Booster’ and ‘Smart Booster’ have been available on the Google Play Store, and several smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, and others have pre-installed these apps that remove other apps from memory. However, these apps often increase system resource usage and battery consumption as they manually remove other apps from memory. Android is designed to keep apps cached in the background and kill them whenever the system needs memory. As such, when these task-killer apps remove apps from memory, the system needs to reload the app into memory instead of loading it from cached memory.

Which is the best speed booster for android?

With the increasing usage of smartphones, it has become essential to ensure that our devices are optimized to provide the best performance possible. One way to achieve this is by using a speed booster app, which can help to improve the device’s overall speed and performance. However, with several apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be challenging to determine which app is the best for boosting the device’s speed. In this article, we’ll discuss the best speed booster apps for Android and explore what an Android booster app is and whether phone booster apps work.

Do phone booster apps work?

An Android booster app is a utility tool that aims to optimize and improve the performance of an Android device. These apps typically come with features such as RAM optimization, junk file cleaning, and battery optimization. An Android booster app can help to free up the device’s storage space and improve battery life, which can improve the device’s overall performance.

While the real-world benefits offered by these apps can outweigh the problems they create, it appears that Google is taking steps to discourage their use. Google Play Store already has policies for apps with deceptive descriptions and misleading claims like improving device performance. Still, the tech giant is yet to take any action on apps that claim to boost the performance of the phone by removing apps from memory. With Android 14, Google might finally crack down on these apps that violate the Play Store policy, which will help to keep users’ devices secure and optimized.

Android 14 is set to bring several new features and changes aimed at improving users’ experience while using Android devices. While the potential obsolescence of third-party speed booster and task killer apps may impact some users and developers, the benefits of this change may outweigh the issues that these apps create. As we wait for the official release of Android 14, it’s essential to keep an eye on the updates and changes that Google will implement and how they may impact the Android ecosystem.

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