Netmarble announces pre-registration for new metaverse board game, Meta World: My City

Netmarble, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, has announced pre-registration for its new metaverse board game, Meta World: My City. The game offers virtual real estate and building investment features and is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS.

Pre-registration Events and Rewards

Players who pre-register for the game can participate in various events to obtain exclusive in-game rewards post-launch. Pre-registering on Google Play or the App Store will give players access to in-game resources such as gold and tickets for seasonal character summons. Selected participants who share material about the pre-registration or retweet the formal announcement using the hashtag #MetaWorld on Facebook or Twitter will receive an Epic Character Card (Beatrice), Seasonal Character Summon Tickets, and Diamond. All pre-registered players will receive a variety of in-game items if pre-registration numbers surpass one million, including the Avatar Costume Set, Gold, Character Summon Tickets, Seulgi Character Card, and more.

Meta World: My City Gameplay

Meta World: My City is the sequel to the well-known game Let’s Get Rich, which drew more than 200 million participants worldwide. The game includes board game mechanics and gives players the chance to buy structures and real estate in the metaverse, modeled after actual places like New York City. Netmarble plans to improve Meta World: My City to actively engage users with one another and take part in various games in the metaverse. The game will be a component of the MBX gaming blockchain environment, which MARBLEX recently unveiled.

Positive Response from Fans

When Meta World: My City was first presented during a live Ask Me Anything session on the MBX Discord channel last month, it received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans of the original IP, Let’s Get Rich. The features and tokenomics of Meta World: My City will be discussed in greater depth on March 20 at the Game Developers Conference.

Pre-registration Details

Players can pre-register for the game by going to the official website, Google Play, and the App Store. They can also follow the official community channels of Meta World: My City on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord for all the latest news and updates on the game.

Netmarble, the leading South Korean mobile game developer, has announced the opening of pre-registration for its latest creation, a metaverse board game called “BOARDVERSE.” The game is set in a virtual world where players can explore various themes and environments and play board games with friends and other players from around the globe.

BOARDVERSE is not only a board game but also a social platform, where players can customize their characters, interact with others, and join various events and activities. The game’s intuitive UI and advanced technology offer a seamless gaming experience across various devices, making it accessible to players of all ages.

Netmarble’s BOARDVERSE is a promising addition to the growing metaverse market and is expected to attract a large audience of gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Netmarble’s Meta World: My City offers an exciting new addition to the world of metaverse board games, allowing players to build their own city and compete with others. With pre-registration now open, players can take advantage of the various events and rewards available and get a head start in the game. Stay tuned for further updates on the game’s features and tokenomics, set to be discussed at the Game Developers Conference on March 20th.

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