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App Name ChooChoo Charles Horror Train
Genre Action
Update on Feb 16, 2023
Requirements 5.1
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Want to play a horror game? Choo Choo Charles APK could be a great choice. This horror game is known for its amazing graphics and scary adventure. The thrilling train escape is pretty unnerving. The game is set in a beautiful jungle ambiance, which also adds to the adventure and scariness. With a gun-like machine, players shoot the scary Choo Choo Charles train engine. In fact, the players face the challenge of aiming their shots at the Cho Choo train engine.

The game takes the players to an island where they can explore mountains, beaches and dense forests. They can also interact with paper-doll NPCs inhibiting the land. However, a monster clown-faced train is on the loose. The demon, namely Charles, is hell-bent on preying on the weak humans’ flesh. It can even move away from the tracks to get the players. Your challenge is to stop the evil for good.

Choo Choo Charles horror game is a widely popular jungle game with a scary train engine. The players have to get on the old train engine. If a player fails to destroy the scary engine, it will make a hell out of him/her.

Fight Back!

You can fight the monster and even eliminate it. You have a loaded machine gun on your default mode. Use it to shoot Charles. You can make your way on foot or change the track direction. Remember, all winding tracks pose danger. Hence, plan each mission carefully. Consult the map. Unfortunately, the map will not divulge Charles’ hiding spots.

Choo Choo Charles game requires you to play the missiles safely coz the scary Choo Choo train can attack the players anytime and lead them to death. The game is designed in such a way that the train becomes full of horror right from its arrival in the jungle. The scary seats are bloodthirsty and await those travelling in the jungle. If you are not careful enough, Choo Choo Charles scary 3D will get you. Hence, you should always keep your machine gun loaded to prevent the attack in the jungle in Dark Knight Mode.

The game allows you to make a list of your friends who can give a tough fight to the scary Choo Choo Charles scary train. So, before you start playing, know the inside out of the game. The basic point to remember: the train engine is scary and all it wants is your destruction in the jungle. Your challenge is to escape Charles’ wrath. So, plan carefully and execute it wisely. However, you will enjoy every moment of playing the game. Go for Choo Choo Charles download APK; play the game with your friends and enjoy the FUN!

A Blood-Thirsty Monster Wants to Kill You

Choo Choo Charles is a game from Two Star Game. You will love this novel action-packed adventure in a strange and scary open-world island setting. You will play an old train whereas the monster train is on the loose. The name of the evil train is Charles.

Before it kills you, you must kill it. You need to collect Scraps after completing missions. Over time, you have to use these scraps for upgrading your train. Only this way, you can collect enough weapons and your train will pick up speed to take down Charles.

What Are the Salient Features of Choo Choo Charles Scary Train?

  • Serene, scary and dark ambiance
  • Incredible sound quality and eye-catching graphics
  • Many steps to a frightening Choo Choo Train
  • Machine guns and pistols available for fighting

What Are the Pros & Cons?


 Open-world map

  • Unique design
  • Different missions
  • Fun & action-packed game


A good performing PC is the basic requirement

Let us introduce you to different aspects of Choo Choo Charles.


From the onset of Choo Choo Charles, survival in a strange and scary landscape becomes the biggest challenge. You will have to explore the island, upgrade your gear and weapons and helps settlers with their quests.

At key points and periodically, you will face Charles in the jungle and have to escape as fast as possible. Running away from Charles often means firing at him as your train attempts to outperform Charles. As Charles can appear when a player is busy running away makes the game more challenging and thrilling.


You play as an archivist in Choo Choo Charles. Your challenge is to hunt monsters. Charles, a spider train hybrid, is a huge monster. He stalks the strange island where you land on. You embark on a train journey to hunt the monster. You upgrade the small train and convert it into an adequately weapon-loaded transportation.

It’s anything but perfect

Choo Choo Charles is not a perfect game. However, it does not have any major game-breaking bugs. Charles’ mouth does not show any movement while talking. Players encounter some other geographical bugs. However, these bugs are unlikely to interfere in the gaming.

Follow the Tracks

Choo Choo Charles offers a unique gaming experience that will require you to drive a train fast around an scary island. By doing so, you will only try to save yourself from a giant demon. You have complete quests and must pick up new tools and weapons to survive. If you can survive the challenge, it will lead to destruction of the demonic force as the story draws to an end.

The title does not sound perfect though delivers great thrills when the game is played on the PC. The feel of horror and the challenge to survive take the excitement to a new height. As a result, the players get an all-together different gaming experience.

A Point to Note:  Only those, who are 16 or older, are eligible to play the game. It is believed that very young players and kids may find the gory images and other graphic themes scary.

Final Words

 Choo Choo Charles is an Indie horror game. The purchasable game is set in a jungle ambiance on an island. The spider train is a pure evil that hunts. You have to use an old train, get around the railway tracks and upgrade your tools for survival while attempting a planned escape from the antagonist.

Choo Choo Charles is an excellent horror game with amazing graphics. The game has several alternatives and you should try them all. Choo Choo Charles APK download is easy. Download the game and have great fun!


How good is Choo Choo Charles?

Choo Choo Charles is way different from typical horror games. Its gameplay is like other adventure-packed games but the mechanics and the characters are different. Players will have an open-world map to navigate the island as they are on the missions. The comical art style adds to the eerie ambiance and feel of the game. In a word, the game is worth playing.

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